The Corona virus (COVID-19), a compilation of news from Asian countries and the rest of the world-the situation 17.2.2020

In the media various parts of Asia are published articles related to the Corona virus. I have aggregated this blog I found on my own in my opinion interesting articles. The purpose of this blog post is simply to share information with those seeking knowledge.

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Posted on 17.2.2020

China’s Guangdong cities allow the temporary seizure of private property to prevent the spread of the coronation virus

Guangzhou and Shenzhen have put in place emergency measures to allow their Governments to temporarily take possession of private holdings to prevent and combat disease (source).

Health experts warn Congress: Corona virus can “hammer” the United States hard in the next two or four weeks

Former Director of disease prevention and Prevention centres Julie Gerberding told us that more cases could be detected in people who did not visit China. The illness would originate from passengers returning from the PRC, either before the travel ban or from those who have not been checked for health after their return (source).

The group of Chinese researchers claims that the Corona virus is a true origin of the laboratory

A group of Chinese scientists have sensationally argued that the COVID-19 spread from the Wuhan Science Laboratory and not from the market (source).

Is the corona virus derived from the Chinese Government laboratory?

Scientists consider that killer disease may have started at the research institute 500 meters from the Wuhan Seafood and Fish Market (source).

Billions of dollars lost due to turrismikadon in Southeast Asia

Elephant parks are not used and tuk-tuks are idle. Southeast Asia suffers from billions of dollars in losses from the collapse of Chinese tourists (source).

Ho Chi Minh City plans to prolong school break until April due to COVID-19

The authorities of Ho Chi Minh City have proposed a plan for the central Administration to continue the current school holidays until the end of March to combat the epidemic caused by the new Corona virus (COVID-19) (source).

Hubei province is practically curfew

The administration of Hubei province requires all residents to remain indoors for the time being. The purpose of this activity is to prevent the spread of Ncovi (source).

WHO Group of experts has been working with Covid-19 in Beijing

At the same time, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the World Health Organization, warned that it is difficult to predict the direction of the disease (source).

In Vietnam, environmentalists recommend seven working methods to prevent the expansion of Covid-19

  1. Identify and exclude the illegal market and marketplaces of wildlife trafficking.
  2. Prohibit restaurants from selling illegal meat products.
  3. Removes all banned wild products from trade and advertising online and on social media.
  4. To develop regulations and procedures for commercial meat production.
  5. Reforming legal procedures to prevent and intensify the treatment of crimes against wild animals.
  6. Raising awareness among citizens of the risks of wildlife in terms of public safety and public health.
  7. Ensure inter-ministerial cooperation in the implementation of the abovementioned paragraphs (source).